Also that prices quoted are subject to change and do not include shipping and handling costs or any applicable taxes unless otherwise stated.RS Means, Reed Construction Data Note: All of the RS Means cost data books and CDs discussed below come with free access to the Means Hotline for personalized help in using the Means data. AU 5 (GST included); AU 0 plus packing and shipping to addresses outside of Australia. The 2011 edition of continues to be the most extensive source of construction ciost information for Australia.Substantial data is also provided for the costs of refurbishing and recycling buildings; labour and plant constants; and building planning, administration and management including green design.

The process and strategies I use to determine the right price to pay when purchasing a house to fix and flip.

Profit is made when you buy a house, and knowing the right price to pay is a blend of science and art.

RS Means Company, Inc., 2011 63 Smiths Lane, Kingston, MA 02364-3008, USA. The book is highly recommended to professionals in the field.

which presented a wealth of valuable cost information for many countries.

The international section of the book compares labour rates, price indexes, square metre costs, and installed costs for various building components for Sydney vs. BCCD includes information on sustainable construction, building deconstruction and on-site environmental remediation; green building products such as high efficiency toilets and urinals; and location factors for more than 930 locations in the United States and Canadia.

Vancouver, Canada; Suva, Fiji; Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Auckland, New Zealand; Pt. The book provides US national average costs which can be adjusted using the location factors to any specific US or Canadian location. The RS Means Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data book is an excellent publication that is designed as a complete reference and cost data source for facility managers, facility owners, engineers, contractors and anyone who manages real estate.

Retitled as attempts to fill the need for international construction data to support the preparation of accurate and timely estimates, both for general construction and for process industry construction.

The first section of the book provides an introduction to global construction, engineering and procurement and provides extensive tables of North American benchmarks.

The third section is a reference section providing source information for global cost data, key topics to be considered when estimating for another country, and a listing of information sources.