Copenhagen, the world’s most sustainable city, is looking to Silver Spring to deploy a citywide canopy network to connect more than 20,000 street lights.

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FPL serves approximately 4.7 million customer accounts and is a leading Florida employer with approximately 8,900 employees as of year-end 2013.

FPL’s typical 1,000-k Wh residential bill is the lowest among reporting electric utilities in Florida as of year-end 2013, and based on data available in July 2013, is about 28 percent below the national average.

In much the same way that we pioneered infrastructure modernization efforts through the smart grid, Silver Spring technology is helping improve the reliability, efficiency, and quality of service of their street light networks,” said Scott Lang, Chairman, President and CEO, Silver Spring Networks.

“Silver Spring’s multi-application platform allows utilities to both strengthen their existing smart grid infrastructure and unlock new benefits from a networked street light grid, while also establishing a foundation for additional smart city applications and services that can be added in the future.” Silver Spring’s award-winning smart street light solution enables utilities to improve the reliability of their public lighting infrastructure, enhance citizen safety, lower operations and management costs, and improve overall energy efficiency.

In addition to its utility clients, Silver Spring is also deploying smart city networks in iconic cities such as Copenhagen, Paris, and Glasgow, among others.

Silver Spring’s platform can enable multiple applications and services such as street lighting, traffic control systems, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, energy metering, environmental and pollution sensors, adaptive outdoor lighting, motion-sensing applications, waste management, and other sensors to leverage a common network, control and data platform.

Vision software to control and manage the networked street lights.

The FPL connected street light initiative is believed to be the largest networked street lights program under contract in the world.

By connecting street lights to our network, we can dim them at the right time to reduce usage and save money, and brighten them to help create safer streets – we can even give emergency responders the ability to control street lights on-demand,” said Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO of Com Ed.